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Impartiality Statement


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Impartiality & Due Diligence

1: Publicly accessible impartiality statement: All the business activities which are including with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Audit, Quality Inspection, ISO Certificate, Capability Training, Etc. To ensure that scientific methods are used to issue objective and fair inspection results, the following statement is hereby made:

2: We, at BM, are responsible to keep confidential for customers, never provide technical data, audit/inspection data and product information provided by customers to any unrelated personnel, and have formulated our internal information security management manual, which includes customer information confidentiality measures. Employee personal confidentiality measures, etc.

3: We, at BM, understand the importance of fairness and avoiding conflicts of interest, and have formulated relevant policies and procedures in our management systems and strictly carry out in our work without comprise.

4: We, at BM, have been taking all effective measures to ensure that its personnel are not subject to any improper business, financial and other pressures and influences from internal and external sources, and to prevent commercial bribery and ensure fairness and honesty.

5: In support of these policies and procedures, the terms of our code of conduct, together with the confidentiality pledge, conflict of interest statement, and integrity pledge are required to be signed by all employees.

In addition, an impartial committee composed of senior managers and external experts supervises and evaluates the code of conduct for all project services implemented by our company to ensure that the impartiality, independence, and confidentiality of our activities are monitored and maintained through third-party evaluations.

If any violation on above statement and losses to customers, we, as all employees will bear their legal responsibilities. This statement is declared on our website through www.benchmarks.com.hk.





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