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Supply Chain Management

Benchmarks Co. Ltd has a professional audit team in supply chain management. The audit team are experts on social compliance, products inspection, local labour,environment laws and regulations, in various industries, familiar with different local and international brands requirements and in-depth knowledge on production, quality management, employees' culture, etc.

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Management System Certification

Through audit and certification by relevant ISO management systems, our team will show you real status of manufacture with objective evaluation, assessment in efficient way and in each phase of production and/or services.

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Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is an activity in which quality of supply and other relevant content in an order or purchase and sale contract are checked and accepted on behalf of the principal or buyer according to requirements from a principal or buyer.

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Capability Training

Benchmarks Certification and Testing (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. has a professional certification training team, providing training courses in three categories: standard systems, technology and professional skills, and management and personal development.

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Minimize supply chain risks through customized professional service.

Benchmarks is committed to helping our global or local brand customers provide high-quality factory audit and CSR training services in China, Japan, Mexico, countries in Southeast Asia, and other regions and establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with them, because we firmly believe that a good and practical quality and management system can help our customers measure quality of suppliers and reduce risks effectively.

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