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Environmental Laws and Regulations Training

Having been paying attention to environmental protection laws, regulations, and policies of the State and studying and analyzing policies and systems to provide the most accurate guidance for enterprises, Benchmarks is able to provide consulting services on environmental protection laws and regulations for enterprises.
◉   Service Background 

With the development of modern society, China has attached increasing importance to environmental protection, and environmental protection related laws and regulations and environmental protection standards have become more stringent. Our services aim to help enterprises have an in-depth understanding of laws and regulations on construction projects, air pollution, sewage discharge, etc. related to production to facilitate their development.


1. The latest Revision of the Environmental Protection Law and the reform policy of the all-in-one certificate environmental management system
2. Revision of the Atmospheric Law and requirements for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution by enterprises under the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan
3. Revision of the Water Law and requirements for prevention and control of water pollution by enterprises under the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan
4. Revision of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution Caused by Solid Waste and the interpretation of the Catalogue of Hazardous Waste
5. Revision of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and its connection with the discharge permit system.