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ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System Internal Auditor Training


BM provides ISO27001 internal auditor training services related to management system standard training. ISO/IEC27001 is the specific application of management system ideas and methods in information security assurance. The establishment and implementation of information security management systems are currently used by many organizations to solve information security problems. Effective methods and means.
The purpose of the information security management system internal auditor training course is to enable the trainees to understand the basic knowledge of the information security management system, to be familiar with the basic content of the internal audit of the information security management system, and to master the process and methods of the internal audit.

General manager, deputy general manager, senior executive of the company, professional (or part-time) internal auditor in charge of the system, manager of the management department, project manager, IT manager, project manager, quality manager, IT supervisor, BPM specialist.

– To understand the significance of ISO/IEC 17799 to the organization and the importance of information security;
– To understand the basic knowledge and concepts of information security;
– To understand the purpose of the standard;
– To understanding of information security control objectives and control measures;
–To emphasize the importance of important controls for information security.